In this issue of ZINVO Favourite Cars, we’re sporting our slick ZINVO Blade while we ride around in the exceptional Bentley Continental GT


Created in 1919 by English engineer W. O. Bentley, Bentley Motors Limited, or more commonly Bentley, is today celebrated the world over for their mostly handcrafted luxury motorcars. Similar to the path of BMW, W. O. Bentley was creating aero engines during World War I and, following the armistice, sought to transform his jet engine business into one of automobile production. What set Bentley apart from its inception, however, was W.O.’s motto: “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.”


Manufacturers of such iconic cars as the Speed Six, the Turbo R, the Continental Flying Spur, the Continental GT, and the Mulsanne, Bentley — now a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG — is known for perfecting the balance between racing machines and luxury vehicles. Based out of Crewe, England, once also home to Rolls-Royce’s car production, Bentley has brought forth a new age of technologically advanced, deluxe supercars — the latest Bentley Continental GT, one of the fastest coupés ever made, proves just this.



Exterior & Engine



Though the Continental GT radiates the look of a classic grand touring, this iteration — particularly the bonnet — has a sharper stance. Complementing this look are the car’s contemporary lines, which, draped over the large-base wheels, offer a smooth finish. Sculpted to epitomise the spirit of life, and including a range of refinements to create the utmost in luxurious driving experiences, the Crewe carmakers designed a boot that accommodates a set of golf clubs — a feature rarely seen in such powerful supercars. 


This Bentley Continental GT packs a serious punch with a 6-litre, W12 twin-turbo charged engine that boasts almost 600 horsepower (582 bhp, in reality) @6000 RPM and 531 lb. ft. torque. Despite coming in at an incredibly heavy 2,320 kg at curb weight, this powerful beauty can complete 4.5 seconds in 0 to 100 km/h with a maximum speed of a whopping 319 km/h. With this Continental GT, it would appear that Bentley is forming a new class of automobile, as this performance is an astonishing feat for any sports car, let alone a luxury coupé.





The interior design that has gone into the Continental GT speaks of incredible attention to detail. Seeking to make the cabin as quiet and discerning as possible, Bentley has created a cocooning space with quilted leather seats (with an optional top-of-the-line massage system!), a soft leather encased instrument panel and dashboard, and a new steering wheel with knurled paddle-shift gear selectors, plus an updated wheel shape that allows the driver to enjoy an even more secure grip. Like the ZINVO Blade Gunmetal seen here, Bentley spares no expense on luxury and detailing, and the interior of the Continental GT exemplifies this.


As expected with a Bentley, the Continental GT offers a smoother-than-silk ride. The car’s air spring suspension and computer-controlled shock system — known as the Continuous Damping Control — makes for an ultra composed experience that feels more like gliding than driving, which ultimately puts road trips on par with flying first class.



An 8-speed close-ratio transmission allows for the Continental GT’s luxurious drive, however, this unparalleled ride would be incomplete without its all-wheel drive, which provides that additional grip regardless of the type of road or weather situation. Moreover, for additional safety, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) guarantees that this Bentley maintains ideal performance while adapting to any driving style.


Complementing the Continental GT’s state-of-the-art interior is Bentley’s in-house built touchscreen infotainment system, which promises extreme usability and clear as crystal feedback. Rounded off with bespoke Naim Audio speakers, this car features a sound system equal to the world’s best concert venues. If ever there was a machine built for absolute, unrestrained pleasure, this is it.



W.O. Bentley may have switched to producing luxury automobiles in the early twentieth century, however, it is clear that Bentley still respects their founder’s affection for airplanes — one cannot deny that today’s Bentleys offer up luxury comparable to the first class cabin of an Airbus A380. At about EUR 400 million, very few can afford their own A380, but the Bentley Continental GT, which offers an experience on equal footing, will set you back just EUR 220,000 — quite the bargain in comparison.