As huge fans of Ferrari, we were delighted to get the chance to test out the Ferrari F12 for this edition of ZINVO’s Favourite Cars. To honour the special occasion, we brought along our limited edition Blade Rose Gold, which perfectly matches this incredible supercar.



Enzo Ferrari was a groundbreaker in the world of racing vehicles. His vision and determination transformed Ferrari into the world-renowned company it is today. The epitome of power and beauty in machines, the brand’s prancing horse logo could not be more apt. Each sports car released by this Italian carmaker is a delight to drive and the Ferrari F12 is certainly no exception.



The Ferrari F12 houses a naturally aspirated V12 engine that boasts 730 horsepower and 510 lb. ft. torque @6,750 rpm. Released in 2012, at the time, it was the world’s most powerful road-Ferrari. Unlike the rear-mounted engines common with most supercars, the F12 contains a mid-front-engine Ferrari GT, replacing the Ferrari 599 GTB. Additionally, when it was launched, this Ferrari completed the Fiorano Test Track two seconds faster than the Ferrari Enzo.



The Ferrari F12 can complete 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and it has a top speed of 340 km/h. With a double-clutch gearbox, this sports car offers superb transmission meaning instant gear shifting and electrifying handling.


Driving Experience

Ferrari is no stranger to coming in first place at Formula 1 races. This is a car manufacturer that understands how to produce some of the best race cars in the world. Part of this has to do with their traction control system, which the F12 possesses as well. An incredible system, it enables any driver to take corners at extreme speeds while remaining considerably safe.



Moreover, the Ferrari F12’s steering is particularly responsive. Each change of the wheel translates to an immediate movement of the car. This means enhanced handling on curvy roads as well as racetracks. The naturally aspirated nature of the V12 engine also means that the car’s throttle is as responsive. All of this means that the F12 is one of the planet’s most enjoyable cars to drive.



Improving upon the 599 GTB, the F12 has superior aerodynamic elements. This supercar is also less heavy and sturdier thanks to its aluminium body and air-intakes.



And it is this air-intake system that defines the Ferrari F12. Though these are mostly closed to enhance the car’s aerodynamics, when the F12’s breaks heat up, the front intakes open to enable cooling. What’s more, the bonnet’s air-intakes permit air to pass through and out of the Ferrari’s sides, which facilitates the car’s smooth ride even at high speeds. This also generates great downforce for more controlled traction and handling.



The Ferrari F12’s three-spoke steering wheel is the key to this car’s interior as all the control rests within it. The engine’s start/stop button, indicator, headlights, windshield wipers, driving mode selector — which includes wet, sport, race, and traction on/off — and uneven road settings can all be found on the steering wheel. LED lights placed on top of the steering wheel also inform the driver of when it’s time to change gears.




If Ferrari chooses to introduce an update on one of their existing models, they ensure that the new machine is lighter, stronger, and faster. The Ferrari F12 embodies these ideals, thus representing Enzo Ferrari’s continual vision of innovation for his company. And this ultimately appeals to the wishes of sports car aficionados the world over.