Only the most impressive partner will do for our sumptuous Blade Rose Gold, so for this edition of ZINVO's favourite cars, we’re getting behind the wheel of the powerful Hummer H1 Alpha — a ride with attitude that pairs perfectly with ZINVO


Absolutely ready for anything, the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha is the ultimate preparedness vehicle. Despite being 11 years old, this car is still relevant today, particularly if you’re into commanding rides that can tackle the off-road, but still look slick in a city setting. Modelled after the M998 Humvee military truck, the Hummer H1 Alpha was produced between 1992 to 2006 by AM General. Today, it is a collector’s piece as it had a limited production run and houses the most powerful engine and best fuel mileage of all H1 vehicles.




The Hummer gained popularity following the Gulf War of the early nineties when the M998 garnered much media coverage. Arnold Schwarzenegger also fell for the truck and enthusiastically campaigned for AM General to develop a version for civilian use. The popular demand translated into AM General releasing the striking H1 in 1992. 2006, however, signalled the end of the H1 Alpha as new regulations for diesel engines would be implemented in 2007. Over a decade later and we still look to this car for its distinctly aggressive lines and its ability to take on any challenge.




The Hummer H1 Alpha’s military roots give this car super-aggressive approach and departure angles, while its wide chassis offers the car a solidly built look. Originally designed to work in tandem with military tanks, these cars can clamber over a 56 cm high obstacle and wade through up to 76 cm of water. The car’s bonnet also features two steel handles should the vehicle require a ride via helicopter and, to help out those in distress, the H1 also sports a full steel brush guard with tow-wench.




Housing the driver-controlled Central Tire Inflation System, this Hummer has 17" aluminium alloy wheels that can adapt — via inflation or deflation — to driving on soft desert sand, rocky riverbeds, and paved roads. The rear of the Hummer H1 Alpha features barn-door style doors, which allow for easy loading and unloading of the vehicle. Overall, it’s clear that this car was designed to reach the once unreachable places making it the perfect apocalypse-ready ride.




Housing the 6.6 litre Duramax Turbo Diesel V8 engine, the 2006 H1 Alpha spits out 300 horsepower, a whopping 520 lb. ft. torque, and an incredible towing capacity of nine tonnes. Not built for speed, the Hummer can still complete 0 to 100 km/h in 14.1 seconds, an impressive accomplishment considering the car’s curb weight is a massive 3559 kg.


For the 2006 model, the H1 Alpha’s suspension design was overhauled to ensure all-purpose capability and the handling of extreme off-road situations, while also improving the comfort of typical road driving.




The H1 Wagon we got to take out, and which complements our ZINVO Blade so well, commands over 130,000 euro nowadays. In spite of the Hummer’s age, its rarity gives it value and the car remains a popularly sought vehicle to this day.


With the shift towards cars being more eco-friendly, it’s understandable that the Hummer H1 Alpha is no longer being produced. However, as AM General still manufactures vehicle for the United States and its global allies, perhaps one day we’ll see a revamped Hummer H1 in line with our times.