This week we take a look at the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Edition 1, our latest favourite car. With the ZINVO Blade Venom in tow as we stroll the streets of Dubai, we’re uncovering this beauty of a beast


As a brand, Mercedes-Benz is associated with excellence, repute, and durability. Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division, AMG, however, is celebrated for their bold designs and powerful engines. When these two powerhouses come together, the result is an unparalleled vehicle both in performance and look. Though Mercedes has a well-known past, let’s take a look at how their AMG branch got started…



A Brief History

AMG originally started out as a racecar engine design company in 1967. Former Mercedes engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher founded the company in Burgstall an der Murr, near Stuttgart. In the mid-seventies, the majority of AMG relocated to Affalterbach where they’re still headquartered today, and by the early nineties, AMG had become the go-to company worldwide for modifying Mercedes vehicles. Daimler-Benz AG and AMG eventually joined forces to create commonly developed high-performance vehicles and by 2005 AMG became a fully owned division of Mercedes-Benz.


The AMG GT S Edition 1 Engine

Equipped with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V-8 engine, the AMG GT S Edition 1 spits out 503 horsepower and 479 lb. ft. of torque. And with the ability to complete 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, this machine has power and performance on its side. Appealing to even more supercar aficionados, AMG also supply Pagani’s Zonda and Huayra with their exclusive engines demonstrating that this is a company that has mastered radical engineering.


AMG GT S Edition 1 Exterior

Boasting a bold streamlined combination, the Edition 1 package of the AMG GT S works to reduce drag while ramping up the speed. The car’s design also enables a lessening of exterior noise. These facets translate into a silky smooth and peaceful driving experience — not generally the first things one associates with handling a supercar.



The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Edition 1 also features a specialised dual bypass valve exhaust system that opens and shuts according to the car’s driving mode and engine speed. For an aggressive sound, the valves remain wide open when in sport mode, while in the normal setting, the engine’s roar is toned down for driving in such areas as residential neighbourhoods.


AMG GT S Edition 1 Interior 

Taking comfort to another level, the AMG GT S Edition 1’s sports bucket seating is finished off with Nappa leather and dynamic microfiber inserts. To turn this super machine on, the driver has two options: the traditional method of inserting the key into the ignition cylinder under the central console or simply by flooring the brakes while hitting the “start” button. The central console also houses the exhaust bypass valve button, which can open up the exhaust system that releases the AMG engine’s beloved rumble when necessary.



Additionally, the car’s settings for engine, suspension, and stability/traction are entirely customisable via controls also placed on the centre console. Accommodating all sorts of driving styles, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ mode can be selected for each feature separately or to all simultaneously.


Amplifying this AMG’s luxuriousness, the cabin also boasts two high definition screens, a Burmester Surround System, a Bluetooth-equipped interface with audio streaming, and dual USB audio docks. This is a Mercedes after all, which means comfort above all else.


The Price of the AMG GT S Edition 1 


At less that 125,000 EUR to start, the AMG GT S Edition 1 is incredibly affordable for a high-performance vehicle of this quality from two industry heavyweights. This AMG takes over from the popular AMG SLS and rightly so, especially considering this model’s price. Only the second car to be designed by AMG from inception to completion, the AMG GT S Edition 1 is a total hit and we’re definitely waiting in anticipation for their next release.