As fans of the sweet side of life, we’re certainly not one to turn down a ride in an ultra-luxe vehicle, so for this edition of ZINVO’s Favourite Cars we got our hands on the Rolls-Royce Ghost, which just so happens to perfectly complement our ZINVO Blade Rose Gold


A historical and world-renowned brand, Rolls-Royce has been the carmaker of choice for the wealthy elite since the company was founded in 1904. More recently, the British luxury car manufacturer has turned towards the up-and-coming generation, developing some of their newer models for this younger yet affluent grouping. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is an example of this shift.


Initially released in 1906, the first Ghost model was known as the “Silver Ghost.” Today’s version of this classic car, however, is entirely different and is based on the build of BMW’s 7-series, even sharing approximately 20% of the German car’s parts.


When this car went into development and production, it was clear from the get-go that it was being produced for an alternate market. The Rolls-Royce Ghost, for instance, is priced at just under 200,000 euro, whereas the illustrious Rolls-Royce Phantom is worth almost double, nearing 400,000 euro. At half the price, with the Ghost, Rolls-Royce is taking a step towards a more affordable luxury vehicle and it’s certainly a welcome effort.




Happily, the Rolls-Royce Ghost’s exterior exudes the status and opulence for which this brand is famous. Adorning the car’s bonnet is the emblematic “Spirit of Ecstasy” icon (also known as the “Flying Lady”), which can be raised or lowered via a button inside the car to protect from theft. Also marking this car as an undeniable Rolls-Royce is its famous grill — situated between LED headlights — bearing the brand’s insignia.



This deluxe car’s body follows an aerodynamic design with striking sculpted lines. As with many Rolls-Royces, the Ghost’s doors open outwards making access to the back seats easier — a particularly pleasing function when one has several passengers.


Offering some of the finest paint techniques in the industry, five coats are applied to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. This process, which takes seven days to complete, is finished up with hours of diligent polishing to deliver that unmistakable Rolls shine. When you see the Ghost for yourself, you understand exactly how it took 60 artisans to put this incredibly luxurious vehicle together.




Weighing in at a curb weight of 2,490 kg, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a hefty ride. As such, BMW chose to equip the Ghost with an altered version of the BMW N74. This has resulted 563-horsepower producing 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that delivers 605 lb. ft. of torque.



Completing 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, this ultra-luxe supercar proves that you can have both comfort and speed. But as this really hasn’t been developed to be a sports car, the Ghost’s top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. Similar to other Rolls-Royce lines, this car’s engine power is distributed to the tires via the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.




Crafted by hand by skilled technicians, the inside of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is without equal. From the vehicle’s hand-sewn rich leathers to the lustrous veneer to BMW’s beloved iDrive infotainment system, this Rolls is a delight to experience.


The car’s ingenious engineering offers the driver feedback via sensors, enhancing the actual drive experience and informing on what’s to be expected around the bend. As Rolls-Royce proudly claims, “This is the car that predicts the future… this is the car that sees at night.”



Though many who opt for a Rolls-Royce also opt for a chauffeur, the Ghost’s unique design has been created to allow for either option. With a potent engine and transmission, as well as top of the line driving experience, the Ghost offers freedom to drivers who enjoy driving themselves and luxury to those who like taking a back seat. We’re fans of both possibilities, but most of all we love that liberty to choose.